Introducing Nature Network!

Following the recent collaboration between the MCFA and Nature Jobs, Nature Network have asked us to help them propagate the information about their new web site.

You will find the relevant information below.

Nature Network is a new website from Nature Publishing Group. We want to capture the conversation of science, by providing the online tools to help scientists communicate.


Nature Network can be thought of as a scientific TimeOut-MySpace hybrid.


Why’s it like TimeOut?

Although Nature Network is a global website, it does have local ‘hubs’ of activity. One of the first of these is London. On the London site we will feature lively articles about local science issues, events and culture. Everything from cutting edge research from London labs, to fun features such as the top ten places to go for a drink around Imperial. We’re also going to have a comprehensive listings page for scientific events in the capital – be they niche conferences, lunchtime seminars, or even plays and films with scientific themes. There’ll also be a local jobs board, powered by


Why’s it like MySpace?

At the heart of the site, we’ve built several networking tools, to help you find like-minded scientists, ask questions, and share experiences. You can join a group, take part in a discussion forum, or write your own blog. The site is underpinned with tagging technology, allowing you to cut across the various sections and pull out items of interest to you. (All without the migraine-inducing gaudiness of MySpace!)


How can you help, and what’s in it for you?

We’re looking for talented young writers and communicators for the following:


• Start a science blog. There’s no better place to get your voice heard. With millions of people visiting the Nature webpage every month, you’re guaranteed an audience.

• Article writing. We’re looking for knowledgeable writers interested in contributing articles about science in London. We will pay at competitive rates for quality writing.

• We’re hoping the network will be used for forum discussions of all types of science and the culture and politics associated with it. We’d love to here from anyone interested in starting a forum.


So what now?

The global network has only just launched, along with the first local hub, in Boston. The London site was launched in late March.

If any of the above appeals to you, please contact our team