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Open Call for Candidates 2011:  The European Young Researchers' Award

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Open Call for Candidates 2011

The European Young Researchers' Award

Download the call as pdf: Call EYRA 2011 (532 Ko)


About the Award

The European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA) is granted to researchers demonstrating outstanding research performance as well as deep insight of the European Research Area. The award aims to inspire early stage researchers and experienced researchers to think ‘European’ by incorporating the European level into their research.

The Award is granted each year but the prize-giving-ceremony is held every two years at the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) where the two recipients will present their work. The Award consists of a Medal and a Certificate. A part of the award will be monetary in the form of a travel and accommodation grant for the stay in the ESOF city.


Qualification Criteria

• The research needs to have a link to the European Research Area, to have a clear European dimension. It can be a collaboration of researchers in different European countries or a research project in one European country that addresses a research topic of European significance.

• The candidate does not need to have a European nationality but he/she should work in a European country.

• The definition of young researcher in this context is all persons preparing a PhD and who are enrolled in her/his first PhD studies at the time of the application deadline (for the uneven years 2011, 2013 etc) and researchers having successfully defended their first PhD with up to five years of experience after their PhD (for the even years 2012, 2014 etc). There will thus be one person awarded each year.

• The application should be in English.


Application procedure and documentation

• Cover page • Up to two pages A4 describing the research and its European dimension • 1 page CV, including statement of prizes/awards already received. 3 reference persons with contact details.

The abovementioned documents should be included in a single pdf-file. In addition candidates must supply:

• Two letters in support of the nomination consisting of no more than 1 page A4 (it can be a letter from the reference persons mentioned in your CV or other persons linked to your research). They should:

- describe why the candidate deserves this award, - comment on the specific research, - explicitly comment on the quality and relevance of publications from the research work, - explicitly comment on your teamwork experiences, - explicitly comment on any specific circumstances that would make the award particularly appropriate.

These two letters should be from individuals well qualified in the field, at least one of whom not associated with the research itself.

The call for candidates is published in February each year and the deadline for submission is by the end of April. This year the deadline is the April 22.

All nominations received will be considered by, and voted upon, by the Selection Committee.

Please submit the PDF application electronically via email attachment to office @ or PDF file on CD sent to the address indicated below.

Name the nomination file as “last name-first name-date”.

--> Please note that your application will be published on Euroscience’s website.


Collaborating Organisations

EURODOC is the European Council of doctoral candidates and young researchers. It takes the form of a federation of national associations of PhD candidates and young researchers.

EURODOC's objectives are: • To represent doctoral candidates and junior researchers at the European level in matters of education, research, and professional development of their careers. • To advance the quality of doctoral programmes and the standards of research activity in Europe. • To promote the circulation of information on issues regarding young researchers; organize events, take part in debates and assist in the elaboration of policies about Higher Education and Research in Europe. • To establish and promote co-operation between national associations representing doctoral candidates and junior researchers within Europe.

WAYS - The World Association of Young Scientists - is a global, volunteer-run, non-profit and community-driven collaborative Science network. WAYS is the largest grassroots, collaborative scientific community for young scientists in the world. WAYS has a unique global social network designed and optimized to meet with the specific needs of researchers where they can promote their work, seek help, share information, look for job opportunities and develop knowledge and relationships.

The platform also serves the needs of science groups or associations by providing a turn-key package including essential functions such as hosting, maintenance, member database management, document archiving etc.

By offering state of the art services and tools designed to ease the daily research and provide career opportunities, the platform is an aggregator of profiles, interests and resources.

MCFA - the Marie Curie Fellows Association - is the Association of researchers who have once been awarded a Marie Curie fellowship or any other European Commission research training grant. The Marie Curie fellowships program is a European initiative aiming to improve the level of research excellence within the EU by promoting international mobility of top level researchers and spreading the European research networks. The MCFA aims to: • bring together the experience, opinions and innovative ideas of mobile researchers • help researchers to cope with mobility-related problems and country-specific issues • be the link between the Marie Curie fellows and the European Commission • establishing collaborations with EU scientific organisations • participate in EU science-policy panels  

Selection Committee

Euroscience is responsible for setting up the Selection Committee. For 2011, the Selection Committee consists of the following jury members:

John Marks, President of the EYRA Selections Committee and Independent International Science Policy Professional and Research Manager; former deputy Chief Executive of ESF.

Eugen Gheorghiu, Former Euroscience Board member and Director at International Centre of Biodynamics, Romania

Christine Heller del Riego, Former Euroscience Board Member and Professor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain

Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, Euroscience Board Member and Rector of Aarhus University, Denmark

Raymond Seltz, Secretary General of Euroscience, France

Maria Wikse, Member of ESOF Supervisory Board and Scientific Secretary at Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Sweden

Janna Wellander, Secretary of the EYRA Selection Committee and Coordinator of Euroscience (not a voting member of the Jury)

Source: Euroscience